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    The V type ball valve is suitable for use on various pipelines of class150~clss300.according to different user requirements,the V type ball valve can be used for two purposes.one is it can be used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline.the other is it can serve as a control valve for controlling parameters such as flow rate of medium in the pipeline.the V type ball valve for cut-off purpose can adopt different driving modes such as manual operation ,worm and worm gear transmission,pneumatic operation and electric operation.the V type ball valve for control purpose adopt the driving modes such as pneumatic and electric operation.By using different materials,the V type ball valve can be used for various media such as water,steam,oil,liquefied gas,natural gas,coal gas,nitric acid,acetic acid,oxidizing medium,urea and etc.the connection ends of V type ball valve can be wafer or flange.
    The V type ball valve adopts disc spring or cylindrical spring loaded moveable metal seat structure provided with compensation character,so no problems,such as blocking or release of V type ball and seat will occur,the sealing is reliable and the service life is long.The V type notch of the ball plays the shearing function between the metals,so the valve is especially suitable for media of high viscosity,containing fiber,solid granules,slurry and paper pulp.According to differet service conditions,the metal seated ball and seat sealing face can be subjected to various advance technologies such as nickel-base alloy spray welding,tungsten cobalt alloy HVOF coating,suitable for various severe service conditions.When the valve is fully opened,the flow is high and pressure loss is low,and the media will not deposit in the middle cavity of valve.the valve has flow characteristics of equal percentage,and the V type ball valve for control purpose has a wide adjusting ratio of 100:1.in addition,the valve is also provided with precise control and relible postioning functious.,compact structure,strong adaptability.the V type ball valve for cut-off purpose has good sealing performance and can replace various valves such as gate valve,globe valve,ordinary ball valve and etc.
    V-eccentric ball valve,Size:2″~12″(DN50~DN300),Class:150~300,Material:LCB,WCB,CF8,CF8M,304,316,Alloy steel Temperture ℃ 200~425,Applied standard:API 608,API 598,ANSI B16.34,ANSI B16.10,B16.25,Flange teyp:RF,RTJ,BW,Structure:One piece,Two pieces,Operation:Manual(worm gear),Pneumatic,Electric,Suitable Medium:water,steam,oil,acids.Ball Valve in stock